Timor Cottage Panorama #1

A 360° panorama of the southern sky, early evening, in early December 2012, from Timor Cottage, near Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia. The Magellanic Clouds are at left, the Zodiacal Light to the right of the cottage, the Zodiacal Band extending to the right over Timor Rock and into Taurus just above the Rock. The Pleiades and Jupiter are just above Timor Rock. Orion is to the right of the Rock, rising and upside down. The southern Milky Way in Puppis and Vela is just coming up at right.
This is an 8-section panorama taken with the Canon 60Da and 10-22mm lens at 10mm, at f/3.5 for 1 minute each at ISO 3200. Stitched with Photoshop CS6.

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