Vela Supernova Remnant and Gum Nebulas

The Vela Supernova Remnant thin magenta-cyan arcs at centre) plus large reddish emission nebulas mostly in the Colin Gum catalog of nebulas with no NGC numbers. all in Vela. This is a stack of 5 x 6 minute exposures with the 135mm lens at f/2.8 and filter-modified Canon 5D MkII at ISO 800. Taken from Timor Cottage, Coonabarabran, Australia, Dec 16/17, 2012. Blue star at lower right is Regor, or Gamma Velorum, aka Suhail al Muhlif.

North is up in this photo. It is not oriented along the Milky Way. Biggest brightest nebula is Gum 17, smaller one upper right of it is Gum 14, and larger faint nebula upper right of it is Gum 14. Small intense spiral shaped nebula left of centre and right of yellow star All Suhail is Gum 20. Small 3-part nebula at lower left next to star is RCW 38. Pencil Nebula, NGC 2736 is at lower left above RCW 38.

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