The Nebulas of Orion v2

The nebulas of Orion in the Belt and Sword of Orion area. Including M42, Orion Nebula 9below centre), Barnard’s Loop (at left), M78 (small reflection nebula above centre), Horsehead Nebula (centre) and NGC 2024 (above Horsehead). There is faint reflection nebulosity at right — the frame does not extend right far enough to show the Witchhead Nebula near Rigel.
This is a stack of 10 x 7 minute exposures at f/2.8 with the Canon 135mm L series lens and filter-modified Canon 5D MkII at ISO 640. One exposure had soft stars from high altitude haze which added the glows around stars naturally. Shot from Coonabarabran, Australia, December 14/15, 2012. This is a better version than #1 shot the night before under some haze and cloud.

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