Earthshine on Australian Waxing Crescent Moon (HDR)

A HDR stack of 10 exposures at 1 stop intervals of the waxing crescent Moon with Earthshine taken from Australia on December 17, 2012, so the Moon appears upside down compared to the view from the northern hemisphere. Zenith is up, the horizon is toward the bottom of the frame. Taken with the Canon 60Da at ISO 100 and Astro-Physics Traveler 105mm apo refractor at f/5.8. Assembled in Photomatix Pro (Photoshop HDR created too many artifacts).

2 Replies to “Earthshine on Australian Waxing Crescent Moon (HDR)”

  1. The description “waxing” is correct – this appears to be about a 4 day old moon. The title “Waning” is incorrect. Nice picture! I might use this to help explain moon phases to my students. Without binoculars the moon looks flat and circular but this photo shows that it is clearly a sphere and not a disk.

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