Canis Major from Australia (50mm 5DII)

The constellation of Canis Major and nearby open clusters and nebulas, taken from Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia, December 13/14, 2012, with Sigma 50mm lens at f/3.2 and the filter-modified Canon 5D MkII at ISO 800 for stack of 6 x 4 minute exposures. M41 is below Sirius, M46 and M47 are to the left edge of frame. M50 is above the Seagull Nebula, IC 2177 at upper left. Some exposures had light cirrus cloud passing through which added the star glows naturally. I have turned Canis Major right side up but from Australia it would appear upside down — the part of the frame closest to the horizon when I took this was the top of the frame. Sirius is at upper centre, vastly overexposed.

One Reply to “Canis Major from Australia (50mm 5DII)”

  1. Hello! I’d like to ask a permission to use your photo canis-major-from-australia-50mm-5dii for my graphic as a background picture. The graphic has entirely non-profit not-commercial purpose, and it’s just an art. Thank you in advance!

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