Mars and Spica from Oz

By: Alan Dyer

Apr 06 2014

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Category: Nightscape, Observers & Star Parties, Solar System


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:30 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 60D

Mars and Spica form a contrasting pair of stars in the east, as Mars reaches its closest point to Earth.

This was the scene two nights ago, April 5, as Mars and Spica rose together in the east. Mars is now near opposition, its closest point to Earth making Mars extra bright. Its reddish tint contrasts nicely with blue-white Spica, the brightest star in Virgo.

If the arrangement of Mars and Spica looks unusual, it’s because I took this from Australia. So the relative position of Mars and Spica looks “upside down” compared to a northern hemisphere view. Moonlight from the waxing Moon light the gum trees.

β€” Alan, April 7, 2014 / Β© 2014 Alan Dyer


2 comments on “Mars and Spica from Oz”

  1. I forget to mention that natural haze and high cloud added the extended glows around the stars and Mars, accentuating the colours.

  2. Looks perfectly normal to me πŸ˜€

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