Carina Nebula

The Carina Nebula (aka Eta Carinae) in the southern sky, shot December 11, 2012 from Timor Cottage, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia. This is a stack of 5 x 12 minute exposures at ISO 400 with the Canon 5D MkII (filter modified) and Astro-Physics 105mm Traveler apo refractor and 6×7 field flattener.

2 Replies to “Carina Nebula”

  1. Thanks, Alan, for your continuing series of images from Australia. In addition to vicariously joining you under those superb southern skies, it is interesting to see what modest, high-qualiity equipment can do, in the hands of a talented astrophotographer.

    1. Thanks Roy. The clear nights here are continuing apace it seems, a far cry from two years ago when every night was not only cloudy but bucketing down with rain. Floods were the local order of the day.

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