Venus and a Silvery Moon over Silver City

Thin Moon and Venus (Dec 22, 2014)

The thin Moon and Venus hang over the lights of Silver City, New Mexico.

Tonight, December 22, the 24-hour-old crescent Moon shone a binocular field to the right of brilliant Venus. I caught both hanging in the sky over downtown Silver City, set in stunningly clear twilight.

Venus is just beginning what promises to be a spectacular evening appearance in the western sky over the next few months, as it climbs higher.

The Moon, on its shorter cycle around the sky, is emerging into the evening sky for the end-of-year holidays. Watch it wax into a quarter Moon, then to Full, over the next two weeks. Tonight, the glow of Earthshine was prominent lighting the dark side of the Moon.

I shot this from east of the city, using a 135mm telephoto on my Canon 60Da camera.

Happy holidays to all!

– Alan, December 22, 2014 / © 2014 Alan Dyer /

5 Replies to “Venus and a Silvery Moon over Silver City”

  1. Another very nice image, Alan. Here in Nova Scotia the sky has been overcast much of this autumn, including December 22. Thanks for recording what is taking place above the clouds and sharing your images. I can see why you like New Mexico!

  2. Hi, Alan, Would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I enjoy all the astrophotography that you post. also your write ups on each of them , very nice. Hope you enjoy your winter months in New Mexico. We seem to be into the shortest days of the year, it seems to be dark by 4:30 pm in the afternoon. We are trying to brighten it up a bit with Christmas lights. Cheers and best wishes as you keep watch and study the night skies away down in New Mexico. It is quite interesting how much there is away out in space, may even be answers to what we are all about. Bye for now from Frank at Calgary, not far from the Rocketty mountains .

  3. Great shot Alan! and thanks for the wonderful images throughout the year – likewise, happy holidays and season greetings too!!!

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