Free Sky Calendar for a Starry New Year

Sky Calendar Front Page

As a special New Year’s gift I have prepared a free Calendar of celestial events for 2015.

I have lots of photos and I maintain a personal calendar to remind me of the year’s astronomical events. So why not combine them into a pictorial sky calendar anyone can use!

So I’ve prepared a free 2015 Sky Calendar as a PDF you can download.

To get it, please visit my website page at and scroll to the bottom of the page for a link. It’s a 5 meg download.

The sky events listed are for North America. While most will be visible around the world the timing may be off for other locations. Many thanks for visiting and following my blog this past year. I wish everyone a happy and celestial 2015.

– Alan, December 29, 2014 / © 2014 Alan Dyer / 

7 Replies to “Free Sky Calendar for a Starry New Year”

    1. Hi Please share it by providing the website link for them to download it themselves, rather than giving out the PDF file. I want to get people visiting my website, and perhaps buying my book! Thanks!

  1. Thank you for all the time and effort you took to put together such a beautiful and meaningful calendar for 2015. I think I will have it printed and hang it up near my desk so I can refer to it for pending events.

  2. Hi Alan:

    Thank you for the lovely card in the mail today.

    We love your calendar and wondered if you had thought of having it printed. We see a site like Vistaprint might work but haven’t pursued how well it would work. I suspect there would be a limited market even in selling them at $15 – but it might be worthwhile to have a few available. Or maybe it would be better to think about 2016 and have some available at upcoming Star Parties and 2015 events.

    Just a thought.

    We’ll wish you an early Happy New Year!



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