Honoured with a Stamp

4557_CP_Astronomy Stamp_Booklet-2-FA_V2

One of my aurora images now appears on a new stamp issued by Canada Post to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. 

It is always a treat to see one of your images in print, but this is a rare privilege indeed. On June 29 Canada Post unveiled a new set of astronomy stamps, one of which features an aurora image from me, shot March 14, 2016 from the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, in Churchill, Manitoba. I shot it from the second floor observing deck, looking east to the rising sky.

The other stamp features a Milky Way image shot by fellow RASC member Matt Quinn taken from the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

If you view the stamps under UV “black light” more image information is revealed!

The stamps were issued to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, which began as an exclusive “gentlemen’s club” in Toronto in 1868. It is much more inclusive today, as it should be, with a membership of 5500 people from across Canada.


The stamps were unveiled at a ceremony at the RASC’s annual General Assembly, this year held in Calgary where I live. Representatives from Canada Post, and of course the RASC executive were in attendance.


This shows (L to R): me, David Foote (author, eclipse chaser, and member of the Stamp Advisory Committee), Chris Gainor (incoming RASC President), and Colin Haig (outgoing RASC President) at the unveiling. Matt Quinn was not able to attend. All those present (including members of the local Philatelic Society) received first day covers which David and I autographed.


This was certainly a great honour, a once-a-lifetime event I’m sure. I am grateful to the RASC officials such as Randy Attwood who lobbied for the stamp issue, a process that began three years ago.

I was first contacted by Canada Post in October 2016 though the final image was not selected until October 2017. Since then, its use was to be kept secret until the “Big Reveal” unveiling at the General Assembly. For the most part, it was!


This is a shot I took of some of my fellow RASC members and friends from across Canada enjoying me taking a picture of them at the ceremony at the University of Calgary.

Many thanks! And now mail some letters!

— Alan, July 2, 2018 / © 2018 Alan Dyer / amazingsky.com 


17 Replies to “Honoured with a Stamp”

  1. Alan, can I purchase a digital copy of the print you used for the stamp? If not, can you give me the link to your page so I can purchase another one? I have started painting & I really want to try the Aurora.

    Thanks, Avis

    1. All my images are available for purchase as downloadable JPGs in various sizes at my Photoshelter site. High resolution JPGs can then be printed locally. I don’t sell prints myself. The aurora gallery is at https://bit.ly/2NESUOK

      Click the Thumbnail grid icon at upper right to view pages of images. The one for the stamp is on page 5 from 2016. Thanks! – Alan

  2. Just received a postcard from a friend visiting Whitehorse and I was delighted to see your stunning aurora borealis stamp was on it!! Beautiful!! Thank you!!

  3. WOW!!! You truly are the Yoda of astrophotographers. This is such a well deserved honour Alan, congratulations. This is an absolutely stunning image. Bravo!!!♥️

  4. Well done sir! When a work of such beauty and quality can be honored in such a way it says a lot about said work.

  5. Allan, a well deserved honour after a lifetime of amazing astro photography. I have admired your work since our 1994 eclipse trip to South America. Congratulations!

  6. It is indeed an honour for all of Canada to have your work for posterity. As a stamp collector (Canadian only) in my youth I can attest to learning a lot of our history and culture through my individual stamps; I used to say that I collected just little pieces of paper but investigation of why each stamp was published gave me so much more. Through your astrophotography our youth, now, have a great opportunity to learn more of our universe and perhaps will be inspired to become our future scientists. Many congratulations.

  7. What an honor for you Alan. Congratulations!

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