Log Cabin in the Milky Way

Milky Way over Log Cabin (July 11, 2013)

The summer Milky Way shines over a log cabin in the woods of the Cypress Hills.

This was the view this morning, at 2 a.m., as the Milky Way of northern summer shone over my vacation log cabin on the Reesor Ranch in Saskatchewan. After the clouds cleared the sky was beautifully dark for a while before the early dawn twilight came on.

The view here takes in the Milky Way from the Scutum star cloud above the trees to the dark dust clouds of northern Cygnus overhead. The trio of Summer Triangle stars, Deneb, Vega and Altair, flank the Milky Way.

This is a composite of five tracked and stacked images for the sky and one image for the foreground shot with the iOptron Skytracker running at half speed to minimize the blurring from the tracking motion. The lens was the 14mm Samyang at f/2.8.

– Alan, July 12, 2013 / © 2013 Alan Dyer


9 Replies to “Log Cabin in the Milky Way”

      1. Your post said vacation home, but is it your permanent vacation home for all of the year? Are the winds extreme when there are storms? Thank you for the permission to reblog and share your work. —- Bear

    1. No, I’m just here for a week. I don’t have any vacation home scattered about the world, not that I own! Just favourite places I like to go. This will be one of them now for sure.

      1. When I was young and traveled about the USA, and Canada, I wanted to live everywhere. Well, a few places, maybe not. But too many, yes. What would be perfect would be a three year rotating seasonal migration. So 12 homestead sites. Would give everything a chance to recover after being walked all over and what not. Sigh. —- perhaps another lifetime

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