Lilac Passages of the ISS

ISS Title Page

I present a short video, in 4K, of two video clips of the International Space Station in two successive passages across the sky on May 24/25, 2018.

The location was my backyard in southern Alberta.

The clips were shot in 4K in real-time video at 24 frames per second but with a 1/4-second shutter speed with a Sony a7III camera, and with 15mm full-frame fish-eye (first clip) and 8mm circular fish-eye lenses. ISO speeds were 6400 and 16,000.

The clips are sped up by 2x and 4X in post-production to make a shorter video for the web. The background sounds of the night are real-time and were recorded live with the videos.

What I cannot capture is the smell!

The lilacs were in bloom and lent a wonderful fragrant scent to the night air, which added to the sights and sounds of a spring night.

Thus the title of the video.

Much of North America is now enjoying great passes of the ISS. To find out when you can see it from your backyard see NASA’s Spot the Station website and enter your location.

– Alan, May 26, 2018 / © 2018 Alan Dyer /


2 Replies to “Lilac Passages of the ISS”

  1. Great video, Alan! I love the sounds of the chorus frogs and can imagine the smells of spring as fine backdrop to the passage of ISS!

    We see the station fly closer to the horizon here in Charlie Lake, BC.

    Bruce K

  2. Thanks for this Alan! I used to see the space station when I lived in Alberta, as well as several times passing high over the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.
    I have not seen it at all since we moved to Victoria.

    Your comment about lilacs brought back memories of our house in Didsbury AB. We had a side patio with a couple of huge lilacs, and every time I came home, or went outside, the air was filled with that gorgeous aroma when it was in full bloom. My absolute favourite time!

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