Summer Solstice Panorama on the Prairie

Summer Solstice Panorama

This is the prairie night sky taken at the moment of summer solstice.

I shot this 360° panorama in the field near my house just before midnight on June 20, 2013, right about the official time of summer solstice. This is the longest night of the year and the brightest. The presence of the gibbous Moon contributes most of the night light, but there to the north at left you can see the glow of twilight and an aurora. At right, the waxing Moon shines in clouds, surrounded by a faint halo from ice crystals in the clouds.

Nights around solstice are always bright and filled with wonderful colours and atmospheric phenomena.

The tranquility of the solstice scene is in contrast with the horrific weather disaster taking place west of me near the mountains, as record floods from torrential rains wash away roads, railway lines, and houses. Roads are closed in and out of the mountains and entire neighbourhoods of Calgary near rivers are being evacuated.

Everyone knows somebody who is affected. For many this is indeed a very long and stressful night. I hope everyone keeps safe.

– Alan, June 21, 2013 / © 2013 Alan Dyer



4 Replies to “Summer Solstice Panorama on the Prairie”

  1. Very nice “Pano” Alan, as usual, your photographs continue to amaze us both. We have surmised you have a great friend in Mother Nature. Even during the worst weather in years, here in AB, you still manage to find those brief moments to capture the night’s sky in-between bands of cloud & rain. Thank You for the continued inspiration. Hope you are well & safe this weekend.
    Cheers! K & M.

  2. A very moving post. I live far from you, and we’re in the middle of a drought, but floods occur here, as well, and it’s always such a devastating thing. Thanks for sharing beauty to remind us, even in the midst of disaster better times will return.

  3. Alan, thank you for your compassionate post that accompanies your so beautiful photo. Yes. We all know someone who is affected, and in this way we are affected ourselves.
    Regards and thank you.

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