The Rising of a “Supermoon”

Supermoon Rise (June 22, 2013)

Here is the much hyped Supermoon of 2013 rising into a twilight sky on the wet Alberta prairies.

A clear night for a change, with no storms about. Though one rolled through earlier today. We don’t need any more rain! Thankfully I am high and dry on the Alberta prairie but many friends to the west are not so lucky and have been flooded out, evacuated or have been camping in their homes with power and heat off. Calgary has largely come to a standstill, with the main pastime being watching the rivers rise and fall.

Tonight, after two days of destruction from horrific floods, at least we in southern Alberta were able to enjoy a clear night and the sight of the wonderful solstice Moon rising. This is the closest Full Moon of 2013 and has received an inordinate amount of PR as the “supermoon.”

Supermoon Rise #1 (June 22, 2013)

It certainly did look fine tonight, though in truth no one could ever tell the difference between this “supermoon” and any normal Full Moon.

But perhaps this one is a little special, reminding us that the sky brings beauty as well as destruction.

– Alan, June 22, 2013 / © 2013 Alan Dyer


6 Replies to “The Rising of a “Supermoon””

  1. Very nice Alan. Marion & I headed North of Coronation, to get our “Supermoon” photos, when we came across an old farmhouse that looked very similar to a location you have used for some previous Time Lapse work. We pondered this for awhile, as we tried our hand at some Lunar photography. I can certainly appreciate the need for graduated ND gel filters when shooting Lunar photos. Thank You for the continued inspiration…

  2. Alan – your images are always an inspiration for me to continue to learn about astrophotography…thank you so much!!!

  3. These are stunning photos, Alan. Thank you so much. I saw the supermoon in the midst of fireworks tonight – Olds College 100th Anniversary. It was fantastic.

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