Moon and Venus Rising

Moon and Venus RisingThe waning Moon and Venus rise together into the summer dawn.

This was the scene this morning, June 24, as the waning crescent Moon rose together in conjunction with Venus, into the dawn sky.

The morning could not have been more clear for a great view of them coming up over the distant hills in southern Alberta.

Moon and Venus Above the Mist

Pity there was not also some noctilucent clouds, but this morning there was no sign of them. Nor of any aurora through the night, despite promising signs of activity. But the morning show made up for their absence.

The waning Moon and Venus are together again on the morning of July 24, exactly a month from now.

– Alan, June 24, 2014 / © 2014 Alan Dyer


6 Replies to “Moon and Venus Rising”

  1. Great minds think alike.(Marions & yours, mine was good thing to waste during my younger days)

    Marion & I were at Eccles Ranch Sunday Night/Monday morning. We had our telescopes with us, but the battle with condensation was lost shortly after sighting Uranus & Neptune. Dew was heavy all night, Transparency & seeing conditions were bad all night. Although the Milky Way was diffuse & barely noticeable, I thought we saw some noctilucent clouds during the drive home. I wasn’t certain at the time, but seeing your photos makes me think I missed a good opportunity. We did get a chance to photograph the rising waning moon’s conjunction with venus. Earlier we were able to catch a quick glimpse Uranus & Neptune, pluto was missed.

    Great photo’s as always. Thank You for the inspiration. All the best; Kevin & Marion

    Until Next time, Clear Skies & Clean Lenses


  2. Hi Alan Dyer…Just a quick “Good morning!” and “Thanks!!!” for the great pictures. What a great way to start the morning!!! 🙂

    Cheers, Brian. Brian Cassidy tel: 403.547.8747 /// cell: 403.874.4824 email:

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