Rocky Mountain Nights – A Time-Lapse Collage


My new 4-minute video presents time-lapse and still images shot in the Rockies this past summer.

It’s been a busy summer for shooting. Since July I’ve spent a week each in Banff, Jasper and Waterton Lakes National Parks shooting nightscape stills and time-lapse videos of Alberta’s famous Rocky Mountain landscapes by night. 

This compilation includes some of the best footage, plus some panned still images, set to a wonderful piece of royalty-free (i.e. legal!) music by Adi Goldstein. 

For many of the sequences I employed “motion control” (MoCo) devices that incrementally move the cameras during the one to three hours that they are taking the 200 to 450 frames needed for a time-lapse sequence. 

I used the compact single-axis Radian, the 2-axis eMotimo, and the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero dolly, now equipped with their new Stage R single-axis panning unit. This was the first summer with the eMotimo and Stage R, so I’m still learning their best settings for speed, angles, and ramping rates. 

In recent blogs you’ve seen many still images shot as part of these sequences, or with other cameras dedicated to shooting stills. Now you get to see some of the time-lapse videos that represent many nights of shooting, and many hours sitting in the car waiting for the automated camera gear to finish its shooting task. 

Time-lapse shooting is an exercise in dedication and self-denial!

I hope you enjoy the result. Do click on the Enlarge button to go full-screen. Or visit my Vimeo site to watch the video, and others, there.

– Alan, September 10, 2014 / © 2014 Alan Dyer


10 Replies to “Rocky Mountain Nights – A Time-Lapse Collage”

  1. Just re-viewing some of your former posts. Rocky Mountain nights was lovely, the music and the footage so appropriate. I am supposed to be awed by the universe but I am a part of it. Thank you so much for reminding me of how it is. I find it great that I can follow you where ever I am in the world and can show my friends.

  2. Outstanding compilation Alan. Love the “Tears of Joy” piece of music you chose to accompany this stunning photography. ❤

  3. Thank you yet again, Alan Dyer. I was really touched by the star trails and the apparent motion that makes the cosmos come alive to me. Knowing I, too, am star stuff, I am part of it all.

  4. Thanks for the video, it was great to watch your awesome nightscape shots and time-lapse videos of the Rocky Mountain landscapes …your photography gives me hope and inspiration to better myself as a photographer – thanks so much again!!!

  5. I can hardly wait to watch the video & hear your opinion on the eMotimo, I was thinking about the eMotimo on a boom with a self centering-self leveling mount, or using a boom with the motion track & the eMotimo mounted to the track so the head can travel along the boom arm. All the best my friend, I am out of commission for awhile I get spine fusion surgery in the morning & there is a big Aurora event, possibly an X1 event, could be seen as far south as the us/Can border if not further south. It seems the Sun had a big burp recently & the belly gas is heading our way.Hope to chat with you in a few weeks, but until then, Clear Skies & Clean Lenses my friend. Cheers!

    1. Yes, this weekend could be good for auroras. The eMotimo works great with the main drawback the wireless joystick which consumes its 2 AA batteries after a couple of nights and does not function well or at all with low or dead batteries in the controller. If it dies in mid-shoot the eMotimo starts to skip shutter firings. Make sure all is charged up.

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