My new eBook on Nightscapes & Time-Lapse Photography

Nightscapes Book Cover

I’m pleased to announce my new ebook, How to Photograph and Process Nightscapes and Time-Lapses

The ebook describes —

How to shoot and process still image “nightscapes” – images of landscapes taken at night by the light of the Moon or stars … and …

How to shoot and assemble time-lapse movies of the stars and Milky Way turning above Earthly scenes, all using DSLR cameras.

Available worldwide only for MacOS and iPads through the Apple iBookstore.

See for more about the book at iTunes.


The 400-page multi-touch book includes

50 embedded HD videos (no internet connection required) demonstrating time-lapse techniques.

60 multi-page tutorials with step-by-step instructions of how to use software: Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop, Lightroom, LRTimelapse, Advanced Stacker Actions, StarStaX, Panolapse, Sequence, GBTimelapse, and more.

Numerous Photo 101 sections explaining the basic concepts of photography and video production (f-stops, ISOs, file types, aspect ratios, frame rates, compression, etc.).

Numerous Astronomy 101 sections explaining the basics of how the sky works (how the sky moves, where the Moon can be found, when the Milky Way can be seen, when and where to see auroras).

Reviews of gear – I don’t just mention that specialized gear exists, I illustrate in detail how to use popular units such as the Time-Lapse+, Michron, and TriggerTrap intervalometers, and the All-View mount, Radian, Mindarin Astro, eMotimo, and Dynamic Perception motion-control units, with comments on what’s good – and not so good – to use.


You’ll learn —

• What are the best cameras and lenses to buy (cropped vs. full-frame, Canon vs. Nikon, manual vs. automatic lenses, zooms vs. primes).

• How to set your cameras and lenses for maximum detail and minimum noise (following the mantra of “exposing to the right” and using dark frames).


• How to shoot auroras, conjunctions, satellites, comets, and meteor showers.

• How to shoot nightscapes lit only by moonlit, and how to determine where the Moon will be to plan a shoot.

• How to shoot & stitch panoramas of the night sky and Milky Way, using Photoshop and PTGui software.


• How to shoot tracked long exposures of the Milky Way using camera trackers such as the iOptron Star Tracker and Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer.

• How to develop Raw files, the essential first step to great images and movies.

• How to process nightscape stills using techniques such as compositing multiple exposures, masking ground and sky, and using non-destructive adjustment layers and smart filters.

• How to shoot and stack star trail images made of hundreds of frames.


• How to assemble time-lapse movies from those same hundreds of frames.

• How to plan a time-lapse shoot and calculate the best balance of exposure time vs. frame count vs. length of shoot, and recommended apps to use.

• How to process hundreds of frames using Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge, Photoshop, and Lightroom.


• How to shoot and process advanced “Holy Grail” time-lapse transitions from day to night.

• How to shoot motion-control sequences using specialized dolly and pan/tilt devices.

• How to use time-lapse processing tools such as LRTimelapse, Panolapse, Sequence, and Advanced Stacker Actions.

• What can go wrong and how best to avoid problems in the field.


It’s a large, multi-media book available only for MacOS and iPads through the Apple iBookstore.

For technical and economic reasons, the book’s size and media content prevent it from being offered via other platforms such as Kindles and Android devices. It is not available as a static PDF or traditional print book. It’s subject makes use of an ebook’s ability to contain interactive and video content.

See for more about the book at iTunes. Available worldwide. It’s $24.95 in the U.S.

4 Replies to “My new eBook on Nightscapes & Time-Lapse Photography”

  1. Any reason that this book is only available in the US. Might surprise some, but there are a few photographers in the 6.7 billion people who inhabit the remainder of the planet.
    Photographers against a parochial world view ; )

    1. Why would you think I would set up my book to sell only in the U.S.? My book is available in 51 countries which is the maximum number that Apple serves through their iBookstore. There are markets Apple does not operate its iBookstore due to local rights and permissions restrictions, Hong Kong being one, which I found surprising. That’s beyond my control – I’ve set up my book to sell in every market Apple serves. I wish that was every country in the world but it isn’t. If you can’t buy it where you are first make sure you are in the iBookstore for your country and not in the U.S. store but logged in with a non-U.S. account. If that doesn’t work and you live in a market Apple doesn’t serve I think the only way around it is to set up a U.S. iTunes account and log into the U.S. Store.

  2. Bravo! Congratulations to you Alan on this wonderful publication. Such a cool integration with information and interactive parts to this e-book. Wishing you clear skies.

  3. Congratulations on the release your latest publication Alan.

    It looks like there is a ton of very useful information for photographers at every experience level who may be thinking of expanding their knowledge & portfolio to include night time landscape & time lapse photography.

    As I remember the course content of your seminars on the subject, I only wish I could read it. It would be a great reference to have on-hand, knowing it is exactly what the doctor ordered for aspiring photographers considering time lapse & night time landscape photography.

    I really need to buy myself an Ipad for Christmas, it would be so useful.

    Once again, congrats.

    Best wishes, Marion & Kevin

    Clear Skies & Clean Lenses

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