Amazing Scenery on the Eight-Day Moon

Along the Terminator of the Eight-Day Moon

Incredible detail stands out along the terminator of the eight-day Moon.

This was the Moon on the evening of April 26, with the waxing Moon eight days past New and one day past First Quarter Moon. It’s a great phase to explore the surface of the Moon.

In the north the arcs of the Alps and Apennine mountain ranges encircle Mare Imbrium.

In the south, craters pepper the Highlands in stark relief. Tonight, the Straight Wall was just beginning to catch the light of the rising Sun, creating a very sharp, straight shadow.

The regions along the terminator – the boundary between light and dark – at left are seeing the first sunlight in two weeks. To the right, on the more brightly lit portion of the near side of the Moon, the dark mare areas stand out in various shades of grey. Systems of rays splash out from bright, geologically fresh crater impacts.

On the technical side, this is a mosaic of two overlapping images, one for the northern and one for the southern hemisphere, taken through a Celestron C9.25 telescope at a focal length of 2300mm. I stitched them with Adobe Camera Raw’s new (as of last week’s update) ability to stitch images into a Raw-format panorama file.

– Alan, April 26, 2015 / © 2015 Alan Dyer /

3 Replies to “Amazing Scenery on the Eight-Day Moon”

  1. Am I able to read your mind? It cannot be great minds think alike, my mind was a terrible thing to waste, but boy was it fun.

    I set up the new mount & scope last night to see how well my spine would react since my fusion surgery & how well it would take lunar photos, needless to say we have no worries about that now.The Lunt is everything you said it was, we’re very happy campers.

    Marion & I are going to try to complete the Isabel Williamson lunar challenge now that we have the proper equipment to take on such a challenge.

    All I need now is an Apple IPad so I can purchase your new book. I’ve heard nothing but great things & it is the “must have, ultimate guide” book for nightscape & time lapse photography.

    Congratulations Alan & Thank You for sharing your decades of experience, trials & tribulations.

    It’s good to have you back in Canada, we hope you enjoyed your winters travels to lands & ship decks beyond. With any luck, our paths may cross soon, it would be good to say hello once again.

    Clear Skies & Clean Lenses

  2. I applaud you on this incredible image. I can appreciate the work it took you to do…to make it possible.
    I am following what you’re shooting in the night sky now.


    Paulette L Motzko

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