Astrophotography Video Tutorials – Free!


Video Tutorial FB PR ImageLearn the basics of shooting nightscape and time-lapse images with my three new video tutorials.

In these comprehensive and free tutorials I take you from “field to final,” to illustrate tips and techniques for shooting the sky at night.

At sites in southern Alberta I first explain how to shoot the images. Then back at the computer I step you through how to process non-destructively, using images I shot that night in the field.


Tutorial #1 – The Northern Lights

This 24-minute tutorial takes you from a shoot at a lakeside site in southern Alberta on a night with a fine aurora display, through to the steps to processing a still image and assembling a time-lapse movie.


Tutorial #2 – Moonlit Nightscapes

This 28-minute tutorial takes you from a shoot at Waterton Lakes National Park on a bright moonlit night, to the steps for processing nightscapes using Camera Raw and Photoshop, with smart filters, adjustment layers and masks.


Tutorial #3 – Star Trails

This 35-minute tutorial takes you from a shoot at summer solstice at Dinosaur Provincial Park, then through the steps for stacking star trail stills and assembling star trail time-lapse movies, using specialized programs such as StarStaX and the Advanced Stacker Plus actions for Photoshop.


As always, enlarge to full screen for the HD versions. These are also viewable at my Vimeo channel.  

Or they can be viewed on my YouTube channel

Thanks for watching!

And for much more information about shooting and processing nightscapes and time-lapse movies, check out my 400-page multimedia eBook, linked below.

— Alan, November 21, 2015 / © 2015 Alan Dyer /


4 Replies to “Astrophotography Video Tutorials – Free!”

  1. Hey Alan,

    Really enjoyed watching your Aurora Photography video, excellent content and presentation – truly inspiring. I look forward to watching the rest. 🙂

    Regards from the UK,


  2. A very good set of tutorials. I appreciate the info on number of shots, shot settings and type of lenses used. While I don’t have the software for processing, this gives me a good start for comparing software capabilities also. I would love to buy your book but that means an additional expense of buying an Apple product. Hope you are thinking about an Android side of your book. Thank you Alan.

    1. Android/Google Play books might be coming but not for a while. It is not a productive market as most Android users don’t buy media or apps. What eBook reader do you use on your Android tablet? And can you point me to some multimedia ebooks (not just PDFs) you have purchased for your Android, so I can see what other authors have done with their ebooks with video, interactivity etc. That would be a help! Thanks!

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